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                                                           Muscat Bejeweled

This is such a complex question that we have sought expert advice, from one who has unraveled part of the puzzle for those of us looking in from the outside. We must take small bites of the big picture, to begin to understand it.

First, it is useful to look deeper to detect how Joseph Muscat could receive his part of a "commission" in secret (possibly coming from the first fuel smuggling scandal, revealing how MADDOX SA in Switzerland was set up in 2013, which interestingly deals with refined oil products, bunkering, and payments similar to World Fuel Services in Miami) as an alternative way to supply refined oil to the regime in Iran, which was most likely discussed during the first meeting with the President of Azerbaijan and the owner of SOCAR TRADING, without the media.


Second, when analyzing Yorgen Fenech's secret company, 17 BLACK LTD. in Dubai, it appears to have been originally involved with financial transactions and transfers related to LNG supplied to the power plant, while investigators were performing searches inquiring into why Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizza wanted to use Yorgan as a cover for another avenue of supply of refined oil products to Iran, in breach of international, and American, sanctions.

Third, we need to learn more about MADDOX SA, and the company's connection to SOCAR TRADING. Let's starts with Mariam Almaszade, the CEO of SOCAR, and who curiously used to be a Director of CROWBAR HOLDINGS SA, with the company being a shareholder in MADDOX ENERGY TRADING, all these entities being right in the middle  of sanctions violations, where we find Joseph Muscat, seeking to defuse and disconnect the complex situation from outside observers, especially the fuel smuggling scandal.

                                                          Mariam Almaszade

We do wonder whether Ms. Almaszade, as the situation deteriorates with US media attention, will have the foresight to resign, and approach the FBI Legal Attaché at her nearest US Embassy, to cooperate and obtain immunity from prosecution. With law enforcement agencies all over the EU, as well as the United States, probing SOCAR, in connection with fraud and foreign corrupt practices, this may be her only chance to avoid indictment. She should, however, secure her own attorney of choice, and not employ the corporation's counsel, for obvious reasons.

 We compare Ms. Almaszade to Turab Musayev, the reputed owner of CIFIDEX LTD., a Seychelles-registered front company, which was linked to the notorious Montenegro Wind Farm Project stock sale,  and who had to resign from SOCAR shortly after Yorgan Fenech (who was his associate) stepped down as a Director of the ElectroGas consortium.

                                                                Turab Musayev

We have merely scratched the surface of the issue; look for further discussion of these complex issues in future articles which will appear here on this blog. The contribution of our expert is gratefully acknowledged. If you were paying attention, you may now know the real reason why Joseph Muscat made that emergency trip to Miami, right after his trip to Dubai.We figured it out; Can you ?


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