Saturday, October 17, 2020



   " Brought to Life and Controlled by Others." Joseph Muscat as the Golem, by Twitch                                                                                              

 According to reliable US government sources, the massive Libyan Fuel Smuggling Scheme was not only  operated with the approval and consent of Malta's Labour government, its senior government officials personally profited from it, through the payment of bribes. The most prominent individuals who reportedly received regular payments included former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and Finance Minister Edward Scicluna. These two leaders also knew that the illicit profits were being regularly deposited in two of Malta's "dirty"banks, and allowed the practice so long as they were covertly compensated.

Given the overt nature of the operation of the fuel smuggling business within Malta, and its obscene level of profits, the decision has been made to treat the scheme as a RICO  operation, which stands for Racketeer-Influenced Corrupt Organization. That's a maximum sentence of Life in Prison, Mr. Muscat. Given that a criminal operation on this scale could not have been conducted without government officials insuring that there would be no law enforcement or regulatory interference, specifically Muscat's blessing, He is to be charged accordingly.

 Malta's officials have additional problems within their own European Union. Since the open storage in Malta of gasoil smuggled from Libya in tanks and other facilities resulted in the illegal mixing with other petroleum products, and ultimate illegal sales within the EU of a fuel prohibited for motor vehicles, law enforcement agencies within the European Union (Italy, France and Spain) intend to bring criminal charges against them in those countries. We now know why there are investigations in progress across the EU.

To summarize, in addition to the money laundering (Venezuela, Iran, Azerbaijan, etc.) investigations,  the Malta targets are looking at separate exposure for the Libya Fuel Smuggling Scheme. We trust that their local legal counsel are competent to advise them, but wish to point out that some of those lawyers may end up as defendants themselves, as they were advisors in matters that were criminal in nature. Maybe Muscat and his Labour friends may wish to engage new attorneys, lest they find they have been further implicated by their (former) lawyers looking for immunity themselves. Let us all remember well the Crime or Fraud exception to the Attorney-Client Privilege.


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