Tuesday, October 6, 2020



 A reader recently asked me what is my motivation for focusing upon Malta's many money laundering troubles, and hinted that perhaps I have a hidden agenda, on behalf of some outside force. We seek truth on this blog, and hope that justice prevails, which means arrest and conviction of money launderers and financial criminals, wherever they practice their dark craft. I personally, more than most, know what the  true costs and effects of money laundering are to any community, for I witnessed it firsthand in Miami.  Malta does not want to have to continue to endure its own "Miami Vice" period, with expanding crime corrupting the moral fiber of everyone that engages, directly or indirectly, in it.  

Additionally, I have a special interest in any country that makes the fatal mistake of seeking fast money through the issuance of Citizenship by Investment (CBI) passports, for it not only offers national heritage and patrimony to dodgy, career criminals, it corrupts government so completely, that nobody profiting from it wants it to end, ever. My campaigns, to end CBI in the five East Caribbean States that offer CBI, are well known in the media, if any one doubts my commitment to stamping out that financial obscenity there, for once and for all.

Perhaps those who are currently sucking off  CBI cash flow might like to hear how it all got started, because I was there, in St Kitts & Nevis, when the first CBI program was created in the 1980s. As a young and enterprising attorney-turned money launderer, I sought to sign up certain members of the Medellin Cartel  for those SKN passports. However, a number of them were soon arrested, and I told attorney William (Billy) Herbert, then the Foreign Minister of the newly-independent St Kitts, that my clients could no longer qualify, for they now had arrest records. Mr. Herbert, without missing a beat, told me to have someone make up documents showing that they had clean records, and to present them to him, and that he would take care of the issue. I then knew how CBI programs really worked; they function on pure greed on the part of of the country offering those prized passports; They become criminal enterprises.

A postscript for those in Malta who wonder how it all ended in St Kitts; Billy Herbert, and twenty people, including members of his family and guests, all went to sea one Sunday on his yacht, and disappeared off the face of the earth. Apparently, he had angered a criminal client, who erroneously believed that he had stolen some money. The US Government believes that they are all buried underneath a concrete swimming pool, in the national capital, Basseterre; men, women and children all on board that yacht were assassinated. Perhaps there's a lesson for Malta's former and present government officials in that story.

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