Thursday, July 2, 2020


Is this a practice photo for his eventual mug shot ?

We have some pointed questions for Mr. Armin Eckermann, the "Teflon" businessman who seems to shake off the threats of criminal prosecution for money laundering and corruption, and move on to one financial entity after another. Perhaps could he please furnish us with some straight answers ?

(1) Why are you reportedly so nervous about the potential favorable outcome in the American case against Ali Sadr Hasheminejad ?

(2) Why were you never interrogated by the authorities ?

(3) Why does the MFSA still protect you even though Banister has left ?

(4) Why did such a major case as Portmann Capital not have consequences ?

(5) Do you hold the key to all the money laundering that was committed at Pilatus Bank, and only Ali Sadr alone knows that you have that key ?

(6) Who really owns EGRANT ? Stock certificates of the bearer share company in the kitchen safe of Pilatus Bank. Why were they there ?

(7) Who approved bank accounts for the three trusts/Panama companies of a Member of Parliament ?

(8) Why did nobody ever check you or the papers in your home office ?

(9) Are you passing information abut Malta to the German BND ? Your relationship with the German Embassy is no secret.

As the saying goes, Armin Eckermann has me thinking.

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