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Sunday, July 5, 2020


Varela & Martinelli
Panama's Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office & the Superior Prosecutor's Office against Organized Crime have jointly announced criminal charges against  RICARDO MARTINELLI BERROCAL and JUAN CARLOS VARELA RODRIGUEZ, the previous two Presidents of the Repuiblic.

They have been charged with Crimes against the Economic Order, or Money Laundering. Whether they actually ever stand trial is another matter, for Panama's totally corrupt judicial system allows parties to indefinitely delay the proceeedings, through the payment of bribes and illegal gratuities, to members of the judiciary, government prosecutors, court clerks, judges' staff, and court clerical personnel. Complete files are frequently stolen, and are purchased for cash from clerks and judge's secretaries. The rampant corruption reaches up to the Supreme Court of Justice, which can, for a price delay a criminal case for many years. The Rule of Law is seldom observed, and there are a number of lawyers in Panama City who are known to be full-time facilitators or "Fixers" of cases through bribery and other corrupt methods.

To illustrate my point, the "Panamna Papers" offshore law firm partners JURGEN MOSSACK and RAMON FONSECA MORA were arrested years ago, but their case has never been permitted to progress to the point where it is ready for trial.

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