Thursday, April 25, 2019


Donald Trump at the Trump Ocean Club

The controversy over the more damning details regarding Donald Trump's alleged nocturnal actions in Moscow, during the Miss Universe pageant in 2013, surfaced again yesterday, when text messages from a Russian contact of Trump attorney Michael Cohen appears to have proven that Trump knew about the so-called Russia tapes back in 2016 surfaced in the media. Whether the tapes actually exist today remain a mystery, but there is another dark episode in Donald Trump's life that may be in the Special Counsel's Report, but redacted for national security reasons.

During the period when Donald Trump was traveling to the Republic of Panama, in support of the Trump Ocean Club project, multiple Panamanian sources have confirmed that he engaged in similar conduct in Panama City, and that such activities were the subject of pre-planned video surveillance on the part of the Panamanian government. Those tapes are known to exist, as is the identity of the individual who engaged in the act of taping Trump, as well as who currently has possession and control of them. They are also said to be far more damaging than that the Russia tapes.

Given the extensive investigation conducted by the Office of Special Counsel, we doubt that Robert Mueller was not aware of the existence of this material, which has been curiously not reported in mainstream American media. Is this story in the Mueller Report, but redacted because of the national security implications ? If an adversary of the United States was to gain access to a copy of the tape, could they not exert undue influence over Trump to bend to their wishes ?

Russian organized crime is deeply entrenched in Panama; in truth and in fact many Russian nationals of colorful backgrounds purchased units in the Trump Ocean Club. Do the Russians have a copy of that tape ?

Also, given that a number of Specially Designated Global Terrorist organizations not only operate in Panama City, but are allowed to maintain offices there, to facilitate their money laundering activities,  there is a clear and present danger that one of those organizations might gain access.

Lastly, do mainstream American media have this story, but for some reason have declined to publish it, and thus incur the wrath of the Trump Administration ?

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