Friday, April 19, 2019


We are continuing to see subtle Iranian manipulation of global public opinion, seeking to plant the thought that America's sanction of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps was a mistake. Today's example comes from a UK website, run by Iranians,  Bourse & Bazaar*, which has published an article tellingly entitled Iranian Bankers fear IRGC Terrorism Dooms Vital Financial Reforms, which attempts to convince the reader that reform cannot occur in Iran, specifically  due to the IRGC sanctions.

The article goes to great lengths to detail a ficticious AML/CFT reform movement, now cut down by the IRGC sanctions. Other articles on that B & B website may look like objective reporting, but they have a distinctly anti-American perspective, often seeking to mold public opinion through spin and disinformation.

Given that Iran is a State Sponsor of Terrorism, any belief that AML/CFT will ever occur, as a matter of state policy, is not only an illusion, but is an artful attempt to reach out to a global audience with a hidden agenda. This is just one more example that we found today. Expect to see more examples of  such grey propaganda, using "white' media, not identifiable as Iranian-controlled, to push back at the OFAC SDN designation in a public forum.


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