Saturday, March 2, 2013


The consensus of opinion, on the state of health of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias, appears to be that the operations that he underwent in Cuba, at the end of the year, left him on Live Support on or about 30 December, 2012, and that his family ordered him disconnected  a few days ago, when he had been transported to Caracas.; the former Panamanian ambassador to the OAS is claiming that he is dead, and that the Government of Venezuela is covering the death up, to avoid a national crisis over the transition period, and upcoming presidential election. it is further alleged that the failure of Chavez to be interviewed or photographed, or to take visits from the presidents of Argentina and Ecuador, could only occur due to his prior death.

The photograph published with his daughters has been exposed as one taken some time ago, before one daughter who has had nose surgery, had the procedure done. Additionally, Chavez' full head of black hair is inconsistent with his appearance prior to his travel to Havana for an operation. They lied about the picture.

If the Government of Venezuela chooses to lie to its people, in the faint hope that they will buy its fiction about his "recovery," and they choose to believe it, the exposure of the real truth down the road could result in a severe loss of credibility, regarding their leaders, and a possible civil destabilisation, all of which will raise Country Risk for Venezuela. Pay close attention to March events in Caracas.

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