Sunday, March 3, 2013


Prominent El Paso attorney, Marco Antonio Delgado, already in custody and facing Federal charges* alleging that he assisted a major Mexican drug cartel, has been indicted again,** for money laundering, in an different case. Delgado, who alias is Marco Delgado Licon,  Represented the owner of a Nevada limited liability company, named FGG Enterprises LLC.

The Nevada LLC, through Delgado, submitted the successful bid to perform services at a Mexican state utility (CFE) power plant located in Sonora, Mexico. The amount to be paid was $121m, which was to be deposited in the corporation's account in El Paso.

Delgado directed the Comision Federal de Electricidad to wire the payments to a bank account in the Cayman Islands controlled by him. He sent those instructions without the knowledge and consent of his client.

=Thereafter, funds were sent to Delgado's offshore account;

(A) $20m was wired on 8 March, 2010.
(B) $12m was wired on 6 July, 2010.

Delgado later moved some of the money onshore, into accounts that he controlled in El Paso, Pittsburgh, and Taos: $200,000; $150,000; $100,000; $70,000; $150,000; $152,000; $75,000; $50,000;$50,000; $150,000.

The fifteen-count indictment, for money laundering, wire fraud, and engaging in monetary transactions in excess of $10,000, also demands forfeiture of real and personal property of the defendant, and $2.5m on deposit in an offshore bank.

It has been reported that Delgado was a Confidential Informant for US law enforcement at the time he committed these crimes.
* See the earlier articles on this blog detailing the first case. Use the search box, in the upper-left hand corner of this page to access that information.
**Case No.:  EP13-370 (WD TX).

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