Tuesday, June 1, 2021



The directors of Malta's now-shuttered money laundering Pilatus Bank, Iranian-owned and operated, and moving Azeri PEP wealth, Russian flight capital, Venezuelan millions diverted from PDVSA treasuries, and a host of other illicit operations, will most likely never be charged in Malta. The fact that senior government officials received substantial bribes to fast-track EU licensing, and that regulators we paid handsomely to look the other way when indicia of massive money laundering arose, all mean that there will be no indictments, as Maltese would be implicated.

But it does not lean that it is justice denied; the bank had a virtual branch on Old Park Lane in London's   pricey Mayfair district, and that branch ws instrumental in the movement of dirty money into, and throughout the EU. Why on earth won't the United Kingdom bring charges against the senior officers and all the directors for money laundering offences ?  The local London staff, who may have moved on,  but who were obviously involved up to their necks, are available to be arrested. What's the problem ? This happened in your jurisdiction, ladies and gentlemen.

For all the bluff and bluster about the UK's zero tolerance public position on money laundering, there's no movement against Pilatus Bank, which is especially distressing, given the government's position on Iran. Get with it, Britain !

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