Friday, June 25, 2021



                                     Read the truth about EGRANT below

 According  the opinion of  reliable legal experts, the principal reason that the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Greylisted Malta this week is the country's total failure to enforce its newly-passed laws on corruption, money laundering and terrorist financing. Apparently, one member of the Labour Government was so incensed by his leaders' failure to evade Greylisting, that he has turned whistleblower. His disclosures, which are stunning, should result in an immediate, grassroots public call for the resignation of Prime Minister Robert Abela, 

According to the whistleblower, who has first-hand knowledge of the facts, a representative of the United States Government, on an official basis, informed the Government of Malta (Abela) that it has clear and convincing evidence that the Beneficial Owner of EGRANT was Joseph Muscat. Abela, who was formerly Muscat's legal advisor before becoming PM, chose to conceal that information from the public.

The source of the evidence proffered by the US was no other than Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad, the owner of Pilatus Bank. Anyone familiar with the "Kitchen Safe" story knows precisely why Sadr would be in possession of that evidence.While it is commonly believed that Michele Muscat held the stock, this new information actually makes more sense, given Joseph Muscat's known propensity to be controlling and dominating.This new information may explain the hard American position at FATF; Malta failed in its duty to follow its laws.

We cannot disclose the identity of either the whistleblower or the American Diplomat, for there is a well-placed fear that they will be n personal danger, from Labour's most zealous supporters, should their names become known. Suffice it to say both parties are senior in their respective positions.

If the failure of Prime Minister Robert Abela is not sufficient grounds for his resignation, we honestly do not know what would be. Abela should have seen that a bill of indictment was returned against Joseph Muscat, and made this information public, upon receipt of same.

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