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These are the main points covered by anti-corruption campaigner and Maltese MP Jason Azzopardi in his anti-corruption speech before Parliament this past week. It has been translated into English from the original Maltese, but it is not an official verbatim transcript or complete translation.  

1. A few hours ago, we have just had confirmation that Malta has been put on the Greylist, simply because those sitting on the Government benches chose to defend the criminals and the corrupt, and thereby betrayed the National Interest.

2. Malta is now in the same league with Zimbabwe, Botswana, Syria, Panama and the Cayman Islands, simply because they chose the criminals and the corrupt over the interests of the workers and pensioners as youth.

3.This has its origins in 2013, when Joseph Muscat made a clean sweep of the honest, loyal public servants with a sense of National Duty. The pity and the tragedy is that now it is the workers, all of use who will have to pick up the pieces.

4. When I remember how much work was undertaken post-1987 by a new PN administration to repair the international reputation of Malta and which has now gone down the drain, I become livid. Yes, I am angry because all of this could have been avoided had the Government taken heed of the multifarious calls, notices, warnings and protests by the Opposition and Civil Society and constituted bodies after 2013.

5. In the last eight years, you have kicked our international reputation in order to defend the corrupt Konrad Mizzi, who is still running free on our streets, and is still a Member of this House !

6. When is Konrad Mizzi going to be arrested ?

7. In order to defend Paul Apap Bologna, Yorgen Fenech, and Maksar, you have unleashed untold harm and suffering unto workers, and unto those owning a small business.

8. I have lost count of the many times we came here to demand action after the Panama Papers. and you attacked us, me, David Casa, Simon Busittil, Karol Aquilina, and Roberta Metsola, with a ruthless character assassination, and called us traitors, and you defended the corrupt Konrad Mizzi. You are the traitors of Malta !

9.Your only interest was to line your pockets with our money.

10. You have buried the name of Malta.

11.Whosoever is the cause of the problem cannot be the solution to that problem.

12. What did you think when Joseph Muscat went to the European Parliament  during the Malta presidency in 2017, and took the Mickey out of all the MEPs, in order to defend his non-action over the Panama Papers ? Did you think that the USA and other countries would not take notice ?

13. You have defended the corrupt Joseph Muscat, and you have defended the corrupt Chris Cardona. Did you think that it is O.K. for foreign corporations to have an ex-minister mentioned as a conspirator in Daphne's murder, and for a sitting minister to be named as an accomplice in a bank heist ?

14. I address the Police Commissioner, who today has ended his one-year probationary period; When are you going to arrest Konrad Mizzi ?

15. You were all accomplices to the lies of Joseph Muscat, who wanted to sow the blatant lie that Simon Busuttil had been recommended for criminal action in the Egrant Magisterial Inquiry, and for eighteen months, you hammered and repeated this obscene lie, when you knew that it was a lie, with the complicity of Owen Bonnici !

16. You have sowed the wind. Is it fair now that the people, the honest businessmen, will reap the whirlwind ?

17. You have thrown us in the same league as Panama, because you are all very comfortable with Panama.

18. You have defended the corruption of Nexia BT; all of you continued giving them direct orders in spite of knowing its corruption.

19. You have assassinated the character of Daphne Caruana Galizia, and then, when she was going to out your corruption with Electrogas, you have killed her; you have butchered her. Shame on you traitors !

20. This country sorely needs the PN to turn a new page; you cannot solve the problem you have created on all of us.

21. This is a direct result of the mentality that it is acceptable for sitting ministers to WhatsApp Yorgen Fenech after being outed as the owner of 17 Black in 2018, asking him for money to fund a survey in an electoral district, to ask him if he was O.K., and to tell him how you missed him, how he always believed in you !!

22. This country needs a new hope. Let us get rid of this bunch of criminals, who are raiding the country's coffers, to become millionaires. That new hope can only be given by the PN, led by Bernard Grech.




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