Tuesday, June 20, 2017


If you read my recent article, Evidence Confirms that Caribbean News Website is cooperating with Dominica's Labour Party and Prime Minister, which showed that a supposedly objective news website has disturbing ties to the corrupt Dominica Labour Party, and Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, gving rise to allegations of news management, and disinformation, read on.

WIC news, and Caribbean CBI firms, CS Global & Henley, have all had their Internet filings registered by the same company, raising the presumption that this may be little more than a forum to spread pro-CBI agent propaganda for Dominica, paid for by the companies (agents) that receive outrageously high commissions for steering wealthy foreign nationals, from high-risk countries to a CBI citizenship. This is yet another reason to steer clear of the stories being promoted, as there is a definite agenda from the content.

Here is the reported filing information for this new company, which appeared out of nowhere, under suspicious circumstances:  WIC News, Ltd., registered on February 21, 2017 . The company's address, Kemp House, City Road, London EC11V 2NX, means that has no brick-and-mortar location. It is a virtual company, staffed by only individual, Benjamin James Parker, British citizen, age 27,  free-lance journalist & travel writer, and with no permanent fixed UK office location, or land-line.

How is it that a brand-new internet news service, specializing in the Caribbean, has no advertising ? How are the site's bills being paid ? Is it Anthony Astaphan, who is said to be the source of all the slanted Dominica content ?

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