Saturday, June 24, 2017


Illegal Hezbollah observation tower, Lebanese-Israeli border
A loose confederation of environmental groups, principally those who advocate extensive planting of trees, to improve denuded areas, use the title "Green Without Borders." This non-governmental organization appears to have been co-opted by the designated terrorist organization, Hezbollah, which has placed observation towers within the Lebanese-Israeli frontier zone restricted to UN peacekeepers, and marked them with the NGOs logo and name. Obviously, Hezbollah wants to use any future, wartime destruction of these towers for propaganda purposes. They have conveniently promoted this NGO in Lebanon as a peaceful entity, dedicated to tree restoration in denuded areas of the country.

The real NGO

The Hezbollah-controlled bogus NGO

Terrorists, as well as criminal elements, have been known to unilaterally adopt the identities of NGOs, which are powerless to prevent or suppress such actions, and abuse those non-profit entities, for an illicit purpose. This action serves as a warning to compliance officers to always thoroughly check out the activities of any and all NGO bank clients, especially if they happen to be located, or operate in, high-risk areas or regions, lest you find out one day that your customer's good reputation is being used for a dark purpose.

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