Sunday, June 4, 2017


 It has been brought to my attention that both the Dominica National Development and Disaster Fund (DNDF), and the Dominica Overseas National Association (DONA), which are engaged in extensive fund raising, for the benefits of victims of Tropical Storm Erika, may be fronts for illegal activities. DONA has reported only nominal income, during the last reporting period, £600,  which is simply not credible. Where is the oversight of their purported charitable functions, and where did their funding come from/go to ?

What is interesting about these two foreign charities serving Dominica:

(1) They both have accounts at the same Lloyds TSB Bank in Chelmsford as Tiko Foundation, which is run by Omar Murtizaliev, the same Russian national whom we recently noted was formerly the Trade Representative at Dominica's High Commission in London. Mr. Murtizaliev is a residence of the principality of Monaco, according to filings. All the other trustees of Tiko Foundation are Russians, and they appear to reside in the UK. Its filings with the Charities Commission are delinquent.

(2) They both have the same three trustees, Darren Sylvester, Esq,, Ethelda Brand, and Joseph Vidal.

Moving on to a US-based charity, the Pierre Charles Foundation, located in South Florida, and named for the late Dominican Prime Minister, appears to be inactive, has no postings since 2015, and is in danger of being dissolved for failure to file an annual report.

What's wrong with this picture ? A thorough inquiry into these charities might give us an entirely new perspective on financial crime activities involving Dominica, but what law enforcement agency has sufficient jurisdiction, staff, and the agenda, to engage in an international investigation ?    


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