Monday, June 19, 2017


Hint: you can move the "Followers" around to see the complete text of this email. It says "I'm doing what I can but .,..ugh

While we have previously reported on the engagement of an American public relations firm, by the Dominica Labour Party, and its Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, to respond to the news about the country's deteriorating democracy, we did not know that the present Dominican government would stoop to sponsoring a supposedly objective Caribbean news website, to publish pro-regime propaganda; We call that news management.

If you look closely at the email at the top of this article, you see what appears to be a dialogue between PM Roosevelt Skerrit, and Benjamin Parker, who lists his title as Editor-at-Large of WIC News, which  you will recognize as a newly-arrived news website, specializing in the Caribbean. Using an email address deceptively similar to that of the PM, a letter sent by "Skerrit" confirmed that there is an incestuous, unethical, and probably commercial, relationship, between WIC and the Skerrit/Labour/Astaphan organization, the object of which is to publish slanted, not objective news.  The context of the exchange involved a "shoot-the-messenger" article, about a Dominican who opposes the actions of the present Skerrit administration, especially the purchase of votes, at election time.

If you have spent any time on the WIC website, you know the following:
(1) All the articles published about Dominica are unabashedly pro-Skerrit and pro-Labour.
(2) Anything on the site, about the Opposition, is universally negative.
(3) A long-winded legal discourse, written by Skerrit attorney and resident Mad Monk Rasputin, Anthony Astaphan,  including endless references to legal citations, was published on the site, without stating that it was an editorial, or opinion piece.

Is this checkbook journalism ? If not, why is Editor Parker shilling on behalf of Skerrit ? Any compliance officers who are reading WIC News, seeking objective information, are advised to look elsewhere, for you will only find propaganda on that so-called "news" site*.
*A word to the wise over in St Kitts & Nevis; someone in Bassetere might want to take a close look at the articles about your country: Is there a hidden agenda in that content ?

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