Friday, June 9, 2017


President James Monroe

 In 1823, the American President, James Monroe, promulgated a national policy which has served the region well for almost 200 years. He stated that no foreign power or nation would be allowed to enter into, and take over, any of the republics of the Western Hemisphere, nor could they install a puppet ruler.

While intended to warn the great powers of 19th century Europe away from the developing countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, it has been official American policy since it was announced, and it has been implemented repeatedly, to warn foreign nations away from unduly influencing, or actually occupying, the countries of the region, which is America's backyard, in within its benevolent sphere of influence.

The Commonwealth of Dominica has, of late, been greatly influenced by a number of non-democratic foreign powers, including but not limited to, the Peoples' Republic of China, Russia, and Iran, as well as their own client, and also non-democratic, states, the Republic of Cuba, and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, who have brought their own brand of financial crime, and corruption, into Dominica, with serious consequences.

Since American power need not be military in nature (e.g. Grenada and Panama), an alternative means of insuring that democracy, free of foreign influence and funding, be restored, should be the order of the day.

Given that another national election is approaching in Dominica, and the votes cast in two previous elections were bought and paid for by the Dominican Labour Party, with laundered criminal proceeds, logic would suggest that the next election should be conducted under United States Government auspices, meaning free and fair elections. This means not allowing expats to be flown in from out of the country, to vote and then leave. It also means preventing the open bribery of voters that the country has seen during the past fifteen years.

Consider this an open challenge to the US State Department. to conduct these elections, to insure that they are free and fair, lest we see Dominica become a satellite of a foreign country where the rule of law is what the leadership says it is, and Constitutional rights no longer exist.

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