Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Partial list of recipients of payments from bribe proceeds.
 For those readers outside Dominica who wanted to see actual evidence of the money laundering being conducted by corrupt senior government officials in the Commonwealth, kindly review the handwritten list of payments that appears above. It clearly identifies the recipients of specific amounts of US Dollars, many in five figures or more. The money allegedly came from a bribe, reportedly received by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit,  from a principal government contractor. There are several pages of these records, covering a period through 2009.Skerrit's associates actually made the payments.

If you look at the names of those Dominicans who took dirty money, those receiving the payments included Skerrit's family, friends, suppliers and contractors. Note the large payment to the Prime Minister's cousin, Carmel Winston Waldron, who lives in the United States, which is a violation of the Money Laundering Control Act of 1986; The Statute of Limitations for RICO is ten years, if you were concerned about the dates, and there are lists of later payments.

Waldron & Skerrit

Some of the payments were funneled to recipients by a corrupt local attorney, Stephen KM Isidore, who was employed by Roosevelt Skerrit, on whose behalf payments were made. No action was ever taken to enforce the law; Lennox Linton exposed this criminal conduct, to no avail in Dominica.

 Money laundering of criminal proceeds, by the sitting government, appears to be a fact of life in Dominica.

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