Saturday, June 10, 2017


Monfared and Dominica PM Skerrit

Arrested US Iran oil sanctions evader, Alireza Monfared*, was not the only Iranian fugitive, armed with a Dominican diplomatic passport, who was evading international justice in Dominica. Local sources, with first-hand knowledge, have confirmed that, not only did Monfared have a confederate ( who was NOT a relative) living in Dominica, they posses a photograph. We wonder why the Government of Dominica never disclosed his identity, when the scandal over Dominica's refusal to hand over Monfared to INTERPOL agents sent to arrest him.

I do not know which is worse:

(1) Iranian sanctions evaders, all passport-equipped Dominican "diplomats" running around the globe, laundering oil profits, and converting them into US Dollars.

(2) Russian nationals, some of them unquestionably organized crime leaders, with Dominican diplomatic passports. Why did Dominica's Prime Minister attend that Russia conference, anyway ?

(3) Chinese, from the Peoples' Republic, with Dominican diplomatic passports, illegally purchased, who can now interact with the staff at the unusually large Chinese Embassy in Dominica, performing probable intelligence duties, intentionally ignored by Dominica's government. Remember, Dominica recently courted Chinese for the CBI program, at a conference in the Peoples' Republic.

These bad actors pose a clear and present danger to Dominica, due to the power of their illicit wealth, hidden agendas, and ability to direct senior government officials to ignore the rule of law. Taken as a whole, they are driving Dominica into high risk status, to the world financial community. How high will Country Risk ultimately be elevated, due to these dangerous elements ?
* Iranian law enforcement and its criminal court system is reportedly holding Monfared in maximum  security custody; it has been stated tat he will be making his first court appearance shortly. He faces a probable death sentence, given what the court previously imposed upon his partner in the Iran oil-for-gold theft case,  Babak Zanjani.

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