Wednesday, August 28, 2013


United States District Judge William Pauley has entered a Protective Order in the criminal case against Viktor Bout associate, Richard Ammar Chichakli, prohibiting the public disclosure of certain discovery documents that are not already in the public domain from US vs. Bout, and from Richard Chichakli vs. Adam Szubin. The United States Attorney's office in New York had written the judge, requesting that he take this action.

Included in the Protective Order*:

(1) The contents of the laptop computer seized from Viktor Bout, when he was arrested in Thailand.
(2) Emails between Chichakli and a specified individual.
(3) Third-party bank records, wire transfer records, and other financial documents.
(4) Documents from a corporation, related to aircraft purchases involving the defendant.
(5) Audio recordings and transcripts of conversations with certain witnesses.
(6) Information, not in the public domain, regarding Chichakli's dealing with OFAC.

After the case has concluded, including any appellate proceedings, all the information above, which is designated by the Court to be Confidential Information, and which will be held by the defendant's standby counsel (he is representing himself in this case), shall be returned to the United States Government, including all copies, or destroyed.

Some of the discovery in the case appears to be sensitive information, and is being withheld from public dissemination, probably to protect American intelligence services. It will, however, be available to Chichakli and his counsel, in connection with his defense.
* Protective Order entered 23 AUGUST, 2013, Case No.:  09-CR-1002-WHP (SDNY).

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