Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Tech websites are talking today about the fact that users of multifunction copiers* are finding altered copies, reportedly due to flaws in optical character recognition software. This means that numbers are being altered on information during the resizing of image data to PDF or TIFF formats.

The articles state that the brand involved is Xerox, but since this appears to be a software, not hardware, problem, such errors could be appearing in other companies' machines.

In plain English; check your scanned files against your originals; changes in page numbers, other numerical figures, and dimensional errors have been reported. This may pose a major evidentiary problem in money laundering prosecutions; unless the originals can be compared with the scans, you have no way of insuring that you have true and accurate representations or copies. Investigators and compliance officers, find those originals.
* Those that can scan, print, fax, email & copy. 

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