Sunday, October 13, 2013


True story: a pair of Colombian fraudsters, engaged in a Ponzi scheme that promises investors a 100-150% return in thirty days, have recently latched onto their nation's most familiar Ponzi-face, as a marketing tool. This pair took the old facsimile American one hundred dollar bill, containing the the image of Colombia's master Ponzi schemer, David Murcia Guzmán, which has been out there for years, and turned it into their personal scheme, by adding the names and supposed telephone numbers of the fraudsters, and place the promised huge return right on the face of the document. In essence, the new schemers are relying upon Murcia's notoriety/fame to sell their scam.

What is being done is to trade upon the early, successful, years of the Murcia fraud, and suck in victims, some of whom did originally make good money through Murcia, before the Ponzi scheme imploded.You simply cannot make this stuff up. One wonders what Mr. Murcia, currently scheduled to be returned to Colombia,to serve his sentence, after he complete his US prison term, thinks about this attempt to steal his brand.

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