Saturday, October 5, 2013


Attorney Delgado at his initial arrest 
A US District Court Judge in El Paso has set El Paso attorney Marco Delgado's money laundering trial for October 21st. Readers following the story* will know that Delgado also has another Federal criminal case pending, involving his diversion of a large amount of funds from a Mexican public works project.

The money laundering case has generated more than its share of interest, after it was seen that his attorneys were questioning his mental state for reportedly declining to accept a plea in the case. As a money launderer for a powerful Mexican cartel, he may have felt that he would probably be killed in prison, shortly after giving any of the testimony a plea bargain would entail, and for that reason, his refusal to give evidence against his employers is understandable. The Court, after diligent inquiry, found Delgado competent to stand trial.

As a cooperating individual hoping to receive a reduced sentence, he might also be compelled to make new cases against other clients, which would further reduce his chances of surviving his incarceration. perhaps attorney/money launderers should consider that before agreeing to launder criminal profits for violent and dangerous clients.
* This is the tenth article on the Delgado cases.

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