Saturday, May 5, 2012


The Prosecutor in the War Crimes trial against Charles Taylor*, in the Hague, has recommended a Global Sentence of 80 years in prison, or separate sentences, on the eleven counts, totaling 770 years. In the Prosecution Sentencing Brief,** these points were considered:

(1) The general nature of the underlying crimes.
(2) Mr. Taylor's role and participation in the crimes.
(3) Length of time during which the crimes were committed.
(4) Mr. Taylor's willing and enthusiastic participation in the crimes.
(5) Mr. Taylor's leadership positions and betrayal of positions of trust.

 The conclusions reached:

"Justice requires that Mr. Taylor's sentence should reflect the extraordinary suffering caused by Mr. Taylor's knowing, willing and long enduring participation in the crimes committed in Sierra Leone, and recognize the critical role he played in a criminal campaign which lasted years."  (Brief at 43).

The recommendation: " The prosecution recommends a global sentence of 80 years in prison or sentences on the individual counts from 80 years for Count 1 to 40 years for Count 11 as set out below." The eleven counts, if taken consecutively, contain a recommendation of a total of 770 years.

*Prosecutor vs. Charles Taylor,  Case No. 1 (Special Court for Sierra Leone).

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