Tuesday, October 9, 2018


To be sentenced in December: Michael Flynn

According to the latest reports, General Michael Flynn, who is cooperating with the Special Counsel's office in the Trump Campaign/Russia probe, is linked to Reza Zarrab, the ringleader of the billion dollar Iran oil-for-gold sanctions evasion syndicate. If you read my recent article on Zarrab, you know that he is no longer in custody, and was photographed at a trendy restaurant in New York. Flynn's consulting company, Flynn Intel Group, had a number of foreign governments, companies and political figures as clients.

Zarrab, whose partner, Alireza Monfared, was the holder of multiple passports purchased from the Commonwealth of Dominica, and whose other partners reputedly also hold Dominica diplomatic and/or CBI passports, as well as those from other Eastern Caribbean States, is, according to many reports, giving important information to the Office of Special Counsel, the extent of which has not been made public. Zarrab's driver was arrested, in Turkey, en route to Russia, with $150m in cash, but Zarrab's relationship, if any, to the Russian nationals who are either defendants, or Persons of Interest, in the Trump/Russia influence case have never been made public, probably due to the fact that there are multiple pending investigations, in a number of Federal jurisdictions.

Dominica PM Roosevelt Skerrit and Alireza Monfared

 Dominca has been deeply involved in providing material support to Zarrab's sanctions evasion operation: Dominica-flagged oil tankers were used to transport illicit Iranian oil. Monfared hid behind a bogus diplomatic passport, when operating Zarrab's oil sale scheme in Labuan, Malaysia's obscure offshore financial center. How this is connected to the Trump Russia probe was cannot say, but the fact that our sources disclosed, in 2017, that the Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit, who was a close associate of Alireza Monfared, and is believedf to be under criminal investigation in the united States, further connects Dominica to the Muller Investigation.

There are a large number of sealed filings in Zarrab's NYSD Federal criminal case. Whether they represent sealed indictments, due to the fact that those defendants are outside the United States, and therefore not yet in custody, is not known,  but one must also remember that the Special Investigator's Office has unsealed cases, from time to time, and we will have to wait, to see whether our suspicions will be confirmed. Has Zarrab given evidence that the Special Counsel will use to bring additional indictments ?

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