Monday, October 22, 2018


All the lists that "rank" the Caribbean CBI states, by only the number of visa-free, and visa-on-arrival privileges that their passports have is not only misleading, it fails to inform prospective investors of any negative issues that exist, regarding each individual jurisdiction. In Antigua, for example, the government recently remarked upon the purported rise in the status of their nation's passport, but failed to take into account:

(1) That Antigua is one of the countries now on the EU OECD Blacklist, mainly due to the CBI deficiencies in due diligence of applicants.

(2) That CBI jurisdictions known for corruption, money laundering, and the opaque nature of their corporation laws, as well as unregulated offshore banks, pass along to their new CBI passport holders high-risk status, which means possible inquiries upon arrival at customs and immigration kiosks in North America .
(3)  The lists are created by international CBI consultancies and migration specialists, who are not the objective assessors of these jurisdictions, as some only have contracts with certain CBI states, meaning that they will slant their findings in favor of those countries where they are authorized to sell CBI products.

All these so-called ranking lists should be disregarded; they serve no useful purpose, other than to pass disinformation on to the applicants.

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