Thursday, March 9, 2017


If you have been reading this blog since it first reported that the Prime Minister of Dominica is under investigation, in connection with Iranian oil sanctions evasion cases, you may remember that we warned you that the Skerrit Government had engaged professionals skilled in electronic surveillance, and that your private telephone calls, and emails should not be considered secure at this time.

Now, we have yet another disturbing item of news, regarding an activity that one might expect occurring, more likely, in a country where dictators terrorize their subjects, and not a democracy. We are talking about the current use of hackers, reportedly hired by government officials in Dominica and St Lucia, and other East Caribbean nations, to disrupt, damage, hack, and destroy, Internet postings by members of Opposition parties. 

While we are aware of the identities of the "professionals" hired to wreak havoc upon Opposition websites, Commentary, and articles critical of the government and party in power, we have chosen to limit the release of that information, and photographs, only to victims of these hackers, to allow them to take remedial action, based upon information that may assist them..

Lawyers for certain governmental leaders have been specifically named, as having paid these despicable individuals to disrupt freedom of the press, and freedom of information, implicating those attorneys as the sponsors of illegal acts, but you certainly know who those lawyers are, they are the apologists for their regime clients who themselves pollute the websites with their spin on the truth, what are called "alternative facts" lately.

Therefore, if the website, blog, or postings of an Opposition figure disappear from the Web, you can be sure that it was no accident, but a deliberate attack on freedom.  

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