Thursday, March 2, 2017


Dominica PM Skerrit with Badiozamani

If you were wondering whether there are any other Iranian nationals, possibly involved in criminal or even terrorist activity, traveling the globe, using Dominican passports, be advised that, thanks to the Prime Minister's relationship with an Iranian-owned company, operating out of California, Iranian nationals have been clients of the citizenship through investment program for a decade. The US -based economic citizenship firm, know as EastWest visa, is operated by Badi Badiozamani, according to the website. He is NOT an authorized, and listed, agent, properly appointed by Dominica to sell the program, according to those who have examined the list of qualified persons,

Given that international, and especially American, sanctions, against Iran, have been in place for many years, the question must be asked: how many of these Dominican passports have been used, by Iranian nationals working for their country's government, to evade sanctions, conduct illegal activities, including terrorist financing, and to violate US OFAC WMD, SDN , and other sanctions ? The excuse, being used by Dominica since the recent hurricane, that the money is for rehabilitation, does not wash, back in 2008, and subsequent years.

Whether Dominican passports were used for the purposes of espionage is not known, but all these passports raise the issue: is the present criminal investigation, of PM Skerrit, being conducted for some other reason, rather than Alireza Monfared, and his oil sanctions evasion program ?  Perhaps now we known why the Foreign Minister refuses to make the passport holders' names public. Are they all Iranians, we wonder ? 

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