Thursday, March 23, 2017


In addition to our previous coverage of the illegal detention of the Russian-Spanish businessman, Vladimir Kokorev, his wife and son, in the Canary Islands, on bogus material witness charges, without any criminal case ever having being filed, against them, there is an investigative report, for an unimpeachable source, the United States Congress, that confirms that Mr. Kokorev had absolutely nothing to do with any money laundering activity, with Equatorial Guinea's President Obiang. I am wondering why nobody ever brought this fact up to the judges who are holding Kokorev, without legal cause or justification, in a remote location, far from the judiciary in Madrid, who need to put a stop to this human rights violation.

Back in 2010, the United States Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, released a 323-page report on  foreign corruption. In that report, the Subcommittee detailed financial transactions of a number of foreign officials, including the president of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Obiang. Nowhere in that report does the name of Vladimir Kokorev or of any other members of the Kokorev family, appear, which clearly confirms that he was not engaged in an criminal activity, on behalf of President Obiang. So why is Spain still holding him, under squalid and unhealthy conditions ?

The failure of the report to name him, for any purpose, or reason, means that investigators, from the United States Senate, which has almost unlimited resources, could find no evidence that Kokorev engaged in money laundering, which the Canary Islands prosecutors have alleged, thought they have never filed any criminal charges, nor is there any information indicating that criminal charges will be filed in the future.

The illegal detention of the Kokorev family, is merely the illegal effort, of the local judiciary, to seize property and assets of foreign nationals, but arresting them, and holding them for years, to steal their assets, after they leave Spain, after their belated release. These are serious human rights violations; the Kokorevs should be released forthwith, and the judges, who kept a sealed "secret" file on them, and interfered with his legal representation, permanently removed from the bench.

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