Sunday, March 5, 2017


An investigator who has been reviewing newfound evidence in the Cayman Gang of Four scandal has confirmed that Leon Frazer & Associates Inc, then Chairman of the Board, William Tynkaluk, disclosed confidential client asset information to Sharon Lexa Lamb, the ringleader of the Cayman Gang of Four, who then stole all the victim's assets entrusted to Leon Frazer. Lamb later admitted, in front of multiple witnesses, that she had restricted client information. When she was confronted about the victim's missing $11m; she brazenly threatened to inform tax authorities, regarding some alleged tax liability of the victim, if he pursued the loss of his assets, which were stolen from a bank in Grand Cayman, by the Gang of Four, a crew of mostly Canadian financial service professionals. This threat could be viewed as extortion, by Canadian authorities or regulators.

Whether this breach of fiduciary responsibility, on the part of Leon Frazer & Associates, results in civil litigation, license revocation proceedings, or criminal charges is not known, but regulators could terminate the company's ability to buy and sell securities for clients, or manage their wealth.

The victim passed away in December, 2016, and his next of kin have asserted that it was due to the direct and proximate result of the stress he suffered, over the theft of his money and securities, by the Cayman Gang of Four. Any litigation for damages will be handled by the estate.

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