Sunday, August 10, 2014


Chile has an estimated 500,000 Palestinians, the largest number of Palestinian expats outside the Palestinian Territories, excepting those who reside in the State of Israel. The Chilean Palestinian community, which is mostly comprised of Christians, has been demonstrating in Santiago de Chile, against Israel's conduct in the current conflict, for a break in diplomatic relations with Israel, and for an economic boycott of Israel.

Once the military situation stabilizes, and some sort of truce is obtained, compliance officers at international banks with correspondent relations with Chilean financial institutions, and with Chilean clients engaged in trade with the Middle East, should be alert to probable efforts, by Chilean-Palestinians, to transfer funds to Hamas, especially through indirect channels. Feelings in Santiago appear to be running high, which could result in such actions, As you know, Hamas is a Specially Designated Global terrorist organization, and any such transferors run the risk of being charged with Providing Material Support to Terrorism.


  1. You really need to get your facts right .
    1) palestinian refugees are everywhere around that world and Lebanon alone has way more than 500,000 population so Chile doe not have the largest Palestinian Expats ouside the Palestinian occupied territories.
    2) Hamas is not a terrorist organization , the word " terrorist" because so elastic and lost all shapes and meaning like a stale chewing gym. Hamas representd the oppressed and is defending its people's right to freedom you can not put them in the same pot with ISIS. Try to be nutral and get better education on Palestine before you write on it.

  2. Mr. Anonymous: if you think that HAMAS is not a terrorist organization, you need to go back to school. Any group that puts its children and civilians intentionally in buildings that are about to hit with artillery or rockets is sub-human. They are a dictatorship, NOT defending any rights whatsover.


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