Wednesday, August 13, 2014


If you have been following the Argentinian Sovereign bond court case in New York, you know that the Government of Argentina has accused the holders of bonds, who will not settle for 25 cents on a dollar, or being hedge fund "vultures," that are preying upon their country. Be advised that, while some hedge funds hold bonds, and are demanding 100%, plus interest accrued, there are others who also are unpaid, and who happen to be Argentinian citizens who did not accept the "haircut," the huge discount that Argentina was offering. All that publicity about American hedge fund managers seeking to destroy the Argentinian economy, by their demands, is disinformation. What about paying their own people ?

Argentina needs to pay its own investors, many of whom trusted their country with their life savings. it cleverly blames hedge funds, and has left its own investors high and dry. For that reason, kindly continue to give Argentina elevated Country Risk status.

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