Thursday, August 14, 2014


Though the United States has failed to disclose the names of the twenty-four Venezuelan government and military officials, all of whom are PEPs, whose US visas have been revoked by the Department of State, for major human rights violations, we may have identified the individuals, through another reliable source. US Senator Marco Rubio, of Florida, at a Congressional hearing, named 27 Venezuelan PEPs as chronic human rights offenders, and it is probable that these individuals are the same as those whose US visas have been revoked, plus a few that State missed:

The individuals named by Sen. Rubio are:

(1) Aref Eduardo Richany Jimenez
(2) Julio Cesar Morales Prieto
(3) General Hugo Carvajal
(4) Ivan Hernandez Dala
(5) Luisa Ortega Diaz
(6) Luis Albert Arrayago
(7) Miguel Vivas Landino
(8) Francisco Rangel Gomez
(9) Alexis Ramirez
(10) Jose Gregorio Vielma Mora
(11) Henry Rangel Silva
(12) Aquiles Rojas Patiño
(13) Justo Jose Noguera Pietri
(14) Sergio Rivero Marcano
(15) Antonio Benavides Torres
(16) Franklin Garcia Duque
(17) Arquimedes Herrera Ruso
(18) Manuel José Graterol Colmenarez
(19) Octavio Chacon
(20) Manuel Quevedo
(21) Gustavo Colmenares
(22) Miguel Rodriguez Torres
(23)  Marcos Rojas Figueroa
(24) Hebert Garcia Plaza
(25) Manuel Eduardo Pérez Urdaneta
(26) Gustavo Enrique Gonzalez Lopez
(27) Manuel Gregorio Bernal Martinez

If any reader needs to know why a specific individual is classified as a PEP, please email me at:  and I shall disclose his or her occupation. Some of these individuals are military officers, police, National Guard, or governors.

if you are a compliance officer, especially in Miami, New York, Toronto, or Geneva, the prudent thing to do is to run these names against your client lists, and immediately institute enhanced due diligence upon any positives that your search turns up.


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