Monday, August 25, 2014


Venezuelan Air Force C-130 Hercules, loading aid packages for Gaza

Last Wednesday, August 20, a shipment of twelve tons of what were represented to be humanitarian aid, donated by Venezuela, was delivered to the Palestinian Territory of Gaza, at the Rafah Crossing with Egypt. We know about the date of the delivery only because an Israeli Air Force F-16 directed a missile or bomb at the convoy, which strangely did not explode upon impact, and there was press coverage by Venezuela, attempting to portray itself as a victim of Israeli aggression.

Since we are well aware that Israel routinely delivers "knock on the door," or pointed warnings that high explosives will soon follow, to residential structures in Gaza, before destroying them, the question arises: was this a warning to Venezuela, and was it because of the suspected contents of the cargo ?

Even though there was no public release of this information by the United States, Israel remembers very well that, in the aftermath of the last conflict with Hezbollah, it was Venezuelan pilots, on business jets, that covertly delivered the US Dollars to Syria, after which it was transported overland into Lebanon, and distributed in $10,000 increments to Shiite Lebanese who had lost their homes in the war with Israel, and not Iran, as was commonly believed.

 Given that Qatar is now Hamas' primary patron and financier, and that it is having a difficult time delivering those greenbacks into Gaza, due to global sanctions in place against Hamas, is it not reasonable to assume that Venezuela has, once again, stepped up as a proxy ? Was there a bulk cash delivery of dollars hidden within the 12 tons of "humanitarian aid," I wonder ?

Was the humanitarian delivery a cover for bulk cash smuggling ?

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