Friday, January 24, 2014


Marc Harris & Okke Ornstein
The Dutch fraudster who has plied his trade within the Republic of Panama for several years, Okke Ornstein, had a warrant issued for his arrest today. Ornstein's appeals, of five criminal convictions entered against him, were dismissed, with prejudice, as being totally lacking in legal merit; costs were assessed against him, for filing a frivolous action. His efforts to obtain relief at the Supreme Court of Panama were also denied, and the Government has issued a warrant, so that he may be taken into custody, to begin serving a number of consecutive sentences.

He also awaits sentencing in a case where the prosecutor seeks a ten year period of incarceration. Ornstein first came to the attention of law enforcement when he was the general manager for convicted fraudster and "offshore specialist" Marc Harris. Since then he has participated in a number of schemes, all intended to fleece the investing public, such as the Tulip Fund, and reportedly engaged in extortion, and at least one kidnapping. He is considered a career criminal, and does not hesitate to smear anyone who exposes his scams. I fully expect that this article will draw his wrath, as shoot the messenger is his favorite tactic.

His most recent scheme was one of the most outrageous yet; professing to be a journalist, he claimed to be interviewing displaced victims of the Syrian Civil War, in refugee camps in Syria, and solicited financial donations from the public for his alleged expenses. Anyone who has followed the news from the Middle East know that there are absolutely no refugee camps inside Syria, which is an active war zone. All the refugee camps are outside the country. 

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