Monday, January 20, 2014


President Correa: seeking absolute control over media
If you are conducting Due Diligence investigations on Ecuadorian companies or individuals for Customer Identification Program (CIP) purposes, you should not rely upon anything from the country's media. The Government of Ecuador has been pursuing independent and opposition media, through the filing of bogus criminal charges, and the appointment of a so-called watchdog group, whose obvious aim is to shut down any investigative reporting on government activities.

The Correa regime's policy is to establish a strong government-controlled media, and to accuse those who publish any dissenting views of criminal activities. The other ploy in use is to link Ecuadorian groups who contest government policies with the Central Intelligence Agency, or other US Government influence, and play upon Anti-American sentiment.

In short, the time has come to discount all open-source Ecuadorian media, as most of it parrots the government position, and artfully conceals relevant negative information. If you must acquire information on Ecuadorian targets, it is recommended that you engage competent investigators to quietly conduct their inquiries in-country, and report back to you their objective findings.   

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