Sunday, January 19, 2014


The much-publicized Venezuelan anecdote, to the effect that there is no toilet paper to be had in the country, is only the tip of an oncoming iceberg.

An attorney friend from Caracas called this week to tell me that he cannot obtain a replacement battery for his personal vehicle, because, due to the lack of US Dollars for importers, and the sky-high black market rate that the exchange from Bolivars has ascended to, he cannot get a battery.

A major Venezuelan  trucking firm, with a thousand vehicles, has only six operational, due to the lack of tires and replacement parts for the fleet. They are actually cannibalizing parts from one vehicle, to fix another. Without shipping capability, no consumer goods, including food, can get to market, and thereafter, to consumers.

The prediction is that the Venezuelan economy will soon grind to a halt: no transport, due to lack of serviceable vehicles, means people cannot get to work, cannot obtain food and other necessities, and most businesses will thereafter shut down, for lack of human resources to staff them.

Something wicked this way comes.  

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