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Our last article, April 26, 2022,highlighted how SAM'S CLUB ETHICS AND COMPLIANCE PROGRAM IS AN ABYSMAL FAILURE, and how they set-up one of their own professionals,  Shane Perry, with bogus charges, in retaliation for his due diligence in uncovering the company’s FCPA violations in Mexico. See Wallmart ex-Compliance Officer Sues FCPA Case.

At least Mr. Perry, a highly educated person ,knew how to exercise his rights in a court of law against this order of the day retaliation. Unfortunately, most hourly wage employees and victims of retaliation, harassment, and sexual harassment at Walmart/Sam's Club are not so fortunate.   

Walmart hired a former Trump DOJ official who "oversaw" criminal foreign bribery enforcement. This was at the same time Trump's DOJ decided "not" to prosecute Walmart for criminal foreign bribery allegations on three continents. The revolving door spins; Corporate crime pays.

John Scudder is Senior Vice President and U.S. Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer. He leads the company's multi-disciplinary ethics and compliance program and team for Walmart U.S. and Sam's Club. He too ignores and covers-up continued gross violations of Federal and State law.

John Scudder

Brenda Caldera a/k/a The Wicked Witch of the West (WWW) as most associates call her, dispatches her corrupt takedown crew, consisting of Curtis Price, Maria Varela, and Jeremy Hines, to intimidate and fabricate false information write-ups into associates' employment records that speak up against the daily corruption and operational incompetency/deficiencies at numerous Sam's Clubs in their district.

Brenda Caldera

Jeremy Hines is a person described as lazy, with a street gangster mentality, and lacking any semblance of respect for his female employees.
A female employee who was forced to resign after having been repeatedly verbally abused, including with sexual expletives, gave a credible account of Mr. Hines' Modus Operandi.

 " He will hire you O.K., until you refuse to do the dirty work of setting up other associates he dislikes for disciplinary action. Then he will turn on you and make your life a living hell until you have no other choice but to resign. We are concealing her identity for her own safety. 

He will exploit the most vulnerable employees who are facing disciplinary actions, and force them to fabricate false complaints against those he intends to deny promotions, or terminate for bogus reasons. That is how Jeremy rolls. " she said. he comes to work late, and by 2:00 PM he is gone to play golf, while unpaid merchandise is frequently stolen from the store. 

Jeremy Hines

Mr. Hines' questionable conduct is supported by his boss Brenda Caldera, a person known to be just as corrupt as Jeremy. Her photograph appears here. Several employees have filed complaints about how they were retaliated against by Jeremy Hines for reporting their concerns to Sam's Club/Walmart Global Ethics Program, which apparently continues to allow such a dangerous individual to manage its workforce at Club Number 6609. 

Curtis Price, with the title Territory Asset Manager, can be best describe as former Libyan Dictator Muammar Gaddafi. He is ruthless, extremely corrupt, and very intimidating to the young associates at Sam's Club. His tradecraft is Gestapo-like, impeding employees’ rights to free speech, while recruiting and sometimes forcing vulnerable associates/employees to lie and set-up their colleagues for wrongful termination.

Curtis Price

Human Resources employee for Sam’s Club West Inc. under Brenda Caldera’s leadership, Maria Varela, operating under a Quid Pro Quo for job security, is part of the corrupt crew to cover-up to justify their so-called enemies' employment termination. Ms. Varela's creative writing accusing their targets always indicate a so-called "witness" that always provides them with information that is used to terminate their employment, without providing the victim an opportunity to know who his or her accuser is. Maria Varela is apparently ignorant of the Hearsay evidence rule in civil litigation.

Maria Varela

Numerous California Associates/Employees have complained of being illegally terminated by Brenda’s crooked team, and then unable to collect Unemployment Compensation. Since an employer must pay a portion of the unemployment insurance, Sam's Club/Walmart’s commits fraud upon their victims by providing the California Unemployment Agency with false information as to why the associates in question were fired. These people are not only violating everyday labor laws but are engaged in outright fraud to cover-up their criminality. This is no secret among Sam's Club executives, it is actually in their operating manual how best to increases their bottom line, to obtain an annual bonus. It is time for the US Department of Justice, together with other Federal and State Agencies to hold those criminals accountable. 

A private investigator, working with one of the law firms in Los Angeles currently pursuing legal action against Sam's Club, has uncovered evidence that at least five former female employees of Sam's Club in the Los Angeles area have complained of Curtis making sexual advances as a condition of maintaining employment with the company.

Our next article will expose Sam's Club’s Brenda Caldera’s gang of informers' “secret witnesses,” some with shady backgrounds, who come to work intoxicated, or under the influence of narcotics, and must lie about employees in order to remain employed.

Stay tuned.


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