Monday, May 30, 2022


 The arrest of Iosif Galea, according to reliable sources in Malta, has resulted in a number of nervous private conferences amongst Labour Party leaders this week. The apparent reason is that Galea, ostensibly a consultant, but in truth and in fact, known to be the go-to person to launder criminal proceeds via the remote gaming industry, as he knows all the strategies and techniques involved, which are known to only a privileged few.

Labourites are concerned that Galea may be forced to cooperate, not only to obtain a reduced sentence, but also to protect a third party from indictment. The defendant is the director of various Malta gaming companies that operate in Germany. The European arrest warrant is for German tax evasion running in the millions of Euros. Tax evasion is a major felony in Germany.

An additional concern is whether Galea was looking for leverage on the Muscats, and used his lover, Michelle Muscat's personal assistant, to flush out information. His reputation for operating a "Honey Trap" is said to be legendary in Malta. JM is said to be especially worried about being charged in Germany. 

Finally, the Maltese gaming industry as a whole is in disarray, according to an insider, who fears that further arrests, which could result in a disruption on a grand scale, could seriously damage gaming business in Malta, and cause companies to relocate. organised crime elements in Malta derive a substantial revenue from gaming, in cooperation with powerful local businessmen, who are closely linked to senior PL leaders and elected officials in government.

Will Galea bring down the house on maltese gaming ? We cannot say at this early juncture, but we will be watching. 

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