Sunday, May 22, 2022



According to reliable sources, Barbados Minister of Home Affairs Wilfred Abrahams has been under pressure to resign his post, after details of his rampant corruption appeared recently; he has become a high-visibility liability to the present government. Prior calls for his resignation last year, with prejudice to his returning to any Cabinet-level position, went unheeded by the minister, but current circumstances are far more serious, as his corrupt activities have become a major topic of discussion.  Public pressure, which was unsuccessful in the past, is now more vocal, and Abrahams' responsibility in failing to supervise staff who engaged in the torture of young girls is again the subject of the peoples' anger.

Additionally, a number of Bajans who have identified Abrahams as the principal actor in the loss of their family's real estate have made their stories publicly known, and are openly seeking justice, both through criminal charges abroad, and recovering the amount of their losses. Some have contacted this blog, as the result of our repeated appearance on a UK-based radio programme, and the circumstances of their cases are similar, and quite disturbing.

We join in the calls for Abrahams' resignation, and departure from public service forthwith, and for an investigation into his reportedly corrupt activities, committed whilst in office, and under color of law. The identities of individuals who have associated themselves with Abrahams, and conspired with him in the commission of multiple crimes, are now known, and we trust that they will also be held to account for their sins and transgressions. We plan to publicly name them, and detail their involvement in criminal activities.   

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