Monday, May 23, 2022


Our investigation into the corrupt dealings of attorney (and Minister) WILFRED ABRAHAMS has uncovered sixteen (16) Bajans whom we have established are co-conspirators with Abrahams in his extensive programme of land fraud. We will be identifying these individuals after we have forwarded their  complete financial information to the appropriate US law enforcement agency charged with enforcing America's Money Laundering Control Act, for their actions in assisting Abrahams with the proceeds of his criminal activities violate a number of major US Federal laws.   

Please note that three of these individuals are licensed attorneys, and one of those attorneys holds a very senior position in national government. Whether his identification, and indictment in an American court, will ultimately be responsible for a change in government is a distinct possibility. The remaining attorneys, who employed special skills in their participation in what is a racketeer influenced criminal  organisation, face longer terms of imprisonment for that reason.

Whether Abrahams is aware of it, he has awakened the proverbial sleeping giant, the American criminal justice system which, once awakened, cannot usually be stopped before charges are brought. Somewhere, someone in his crew has accessed the USA financial structure, regarding the movement of the proceeds of crime now in America, and he will eventually pay the price for that mistake. Stay tuned for further developments. 

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