Friday, May 20, 2022


To quote the United Nations, " Freedom of Expression is a Fundamental Human Right, enshrined in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of human Rights, '" but in Barbados, a republic within the Commonwealth of Nations, Freedom of the Press is often restricted or censored, either through judicial action, or censorship  conducted from opaque orders issued by the power elite. 

Recently, Stephanie Chase, of the Chase Files, one of the most popular and respected blogs in Barbados, was unceremoniously and improperly hauled before the criminal court. It seems that Ms. Chase's story about a pending criminal trial, in which she correctly reported that the defendant had a prior case also involving accusations of sexual assault upon a minor, did not sit well with the judges, as they feared jurors, whom were then hearing the new case, might read it and be improperly influenced. How inept the bench in Barbados must be, if the judges neglect this basic requirement of jury trials in criminal proceedings. 

I don't know where madam Justice Pamela Beckles went to law school, but in every first-year law student in countries that are English Common Law jurisdictions, the judiciary instructs all sitting jurors to desist from reading, watching or listening to any media where news of the case might be broadcast or reported. To order Ms. Chase to delete her article is a violation of Article 19, and denies her Freedom of Expression, which is her right in a democracy. The public has a right to know the facts, regarding all ongoing criminal  proceedings, whilst the are in progress, and no judge has the right to deny it to them, if they cannot educate their jurors.

Barbados needs some new judges, meaning some who respect basic rights. Ms. Chase was not afforded advance notice of the offense she allegedly committed, she was summarily summoned to court, without a summons or any other document. She was not afforded the opportunity to consult with an attorney, nor was one provided to her or made available at her appearance before the court. This is what we call in the civilized world, a Kangaroo Court, bereft of the Rule of Law,  

We note that we have become aware of many other defects in court procedures, as practiced in Barbados, and we intend to expose each and every bloody one of them to the cleansing effects of sunshine. Stay tuned, Barbados, because your country's corrupt court system is about to get a dose of truth to power.

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