Tuesday, May 10, 2022


The Scream by COSIMO
  JMs Lament
"Give me time to realize my crime 
Let me love and steal
I have danced inside your eyes 
How can I be real
Do you really want to hurt me 
Do you really want to make me cry
Precious kisses words that burn me 
Lovers never ask you why
In my heart the fire is burning
Choose my color find a star
Precious people always tell me
That's a step a step too far
Words are few
I have spoken
I could waste a thousand years
Wrapped in sorrow, words are token
Come inside and catch my tears
You've been talking but believe me
If it's true you do not know
This boy loves without a reason
I'm prepared to let you go
If it's love you want from me
Then take it away
Everything's not what you see it's over again"

Apparently, the Miami arrest and money laundering charges imposed upon the former British Virgin Islands Premier, Andrew Fahie, has had impact far from the Caribbean. Joseph Muscat is said to be despondent over the news that Facie, who was reportedly loved by British Virgin Islanders, received a vote of No Confidence, and was promptly replaced shortly after his arrest. He has made every few public appearances, and is particularly fearful about the activities of Italian law enforcement. 

The speed at which Fahie's decision to cooperate against other Caribbean leaders became public knowledge also bothers him, as he is painfully aware of the Maltese Mafia's code of Omertà, and the fact that he has incriminating information about powerful, and dangerous, men whom he has worked with since 2013. He's caught between the proverbial rock & hard place, and potentially facing a life sentence should he not cooperate after his arrest.

Also, the cooperation reportedly being rendered, by the Colombian money launderer, Alex Nain Saab Moran, who is also in a Miami prison cell, and who is believed to be spilling the beans about his multi-million dollar Malta money laundering operation, can't be helping his peace of mind. JM is under attack from all sides, and we wonder whether the sleeping pills he's been taking are even working any more. He now a resident of Purgatory.

One of the Four Horsemen heads for Malta  by COSIMO

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