Sunday, May 8, 2022


Media reports from Malta now confirm that Joseph Muscat was involved in using an Italian company, NAPAG ITALIA, to help launder criminal proceeds which ultimately ended up in his hands. Napag is facing money laundering and corruption charges in Italy. Regular readers of this blog know that we have been reporting this fact since late 2020; JM actually ridiculed our stories. he was engaged in a futile attempt to cover up the naked truth, but now the name of the Italian entity involved, and the technique used, been made public. The UAE company named is WINGS INVESTMENTS, which reportedly transferred money to Napag.

Today, we go a step further. TOM has discovered the missing company was part of Double Layering,  indirectly involving Maltese businessman YORGEN FENECH, who is a defendant in the Daphne assassination. For those not knowledgeable about money laundering tradecraft, Layering is a term used to describe moving around criminal profits, so as to throw off any possible inquiries, and make it impossible for investigators to identify it as such. Here, Muscat's allies transferred it through two entities, including one in Italy, which explains why Italian law enforcement is hot on his trail.

TOM failed to name the Miami-based fuel broker by name, most likely to avoid litigation, but our readers know its identity. That company has a long history with Maltese companies, and probably would not like it if someone connects the dots to JM as the entity he visited on his covert trip to the Magic City in 2020, and being part of his opaque dealings. Remember, Muscat admitted he was making investments in the United States, which he failed to disclose whilst in office, a violation of Maltese law. Miami was there only city he visited, so draw your own conclusions about what he did there, or who he visited.

Whether these new disclosures facilitate Joseph Muscat's indictment in Italy we cannot say, but we will be watching.

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