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We are collecting information from the many Barbados victims of attorney misconduct, as well as outright larceny. They have contacted me as the result of hearing me speak last week on 246 Barbados Vibes Radio, the UK online radio station that expats, as well as residents of Barbados, regularly listen to.

Many victims lost their inheritance this way: they engage an attorney to handle the estate of their parents or other close relatives, the lawyer collects the money, but ultimately only disburses a small portion of the assets of the estate to the heirs. He gives his clients lame excuses regarding delays in closing out the estate; years pass, and they never receive payment. The lawyer keeps it for himself, a violation of his oath.

The other experience that has been repeatedly recounted to me involves real estate owned by the decedent. The lawyers explain that they cannot find the deeds, or that the public records are in complete, or that the deceased relative never owned the property in the first place.The lawyer conveys the property to a third party, either in a sale, or transfers it to a member of Barbados' corrupt power elite.

 The local bar association, which has no teeth, never takes steps to disbar anyone, and ignores any victims who approach it, seeking justice. Anyone who brings the matter before the courts finds that his claim is dismissed, or delayed for so many years that it becomes a sick joke on the victim, who cannot understand why decades are passing by without a resolution of his loss.

If you have a personal story of how you were cheated by a corrupt lawyer in Barbados, send it to me at and listen to me discuss possible practical solutions this Saturday, back on Barbados vibes, at 9:00 Eastern and Atlantic Times, or 1400 hours London Time. You can hear the discussion at:

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