Tuesday, May 24, 2022



Our series on official corruption in Barbados has resulted a number of victims contacting us, and sharing their evidence and testimony with this blog, which includes the names and roles of certain professionals who violated their solemn oaths when they allegedly participated in a massive land fraud that is linked to Minister Wilfred Abrahams, and which we have previously mentioned in our article entitled Minister Wilfred Abrahams, Paragon of Corruption .

The documents, which  refer to specific transactions and properties that were allegedly the subjects of land fraud, through a number of techniques, some of which were conducted under the colour of law, and others through fraudulent transfers, or transfers accomplished through misrepresentation of material facts, extortion or theft. They do not belong in the public domain at this time, but will be turned over to an appropriate law enforcement agency abroad, in connection with the victims' money laundering, Foreign Corrupt Practises Act, or Bribery Act allegations. These matters may also support Racketeering (RICO) charges.

Bear in mind that there is a presumption of innocence regarding any individual named by the victims.

Two of the individuals named and specifically listed by the victims, and also appearing in the relevant documents produced by them, are:

(1) Michael Neil Fitzwilliam, Q.C., an attorney in Barbados, specialising in real estate law.

(2) Laurie-Ann Smith Bovell, then an attorney in private practise, and now a High Court Judge.

As our investigation continues, we shall be weaving a web of corruption and real estate fraud that contains individuals, both in and out of government, and their supporters and business associates, beneficiaries of this illicit and illegal industry, whose goal is to divest honest Bajans of their historic patrimony, their ancestral lands and holdings, and deliver them to frontmen, who can then sell them off to local contractors, foreign resort developers, and associates who can hold stolen land for eventual future sale. Stay tuned. 


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