Wednesday, May 25, 2022


DALE DERMOT MARSHALL, Q.C., the sitting Attorney General of Barbados, has been implicated by several crime victims in alleged participation in a major land fraud scandal, in the same case where there are sixteen co-conspirators previously mentioned as co-participants. Whilst we generally choose not to identify sitting government officials, to prevent them from resigning and transferring criminally-derived assets, we believe that the voters in Barbados have a right to know which of their elected representatives have targeted the very people they were elected or appointed to serve, so that they can govern themselves accordingly.

The scale of the fraud is so massive that we will be devoting a number of articles to diagramming it, and explaining its operation, but we want to identify the players early on, so that our readers put a face to the professional misconduct, by those who applied their specialized knowledge of law and procedure to cheat ordinary Bajans out of their cherished patrimony.

We anticipate that there will be pushback, claims that the information is not true, that it is  disinformation and misinformation, shoveled at the current government, and it supporters and allies, for a purely political, or even evil, purpose. Do not believe this "Shoot the Messenger" drivel; speaking truth to power always draws hatred and statements designed to distract the reader from what is really important: Corruption on Earth, acts most foul. Stay focused, Bajans. We intend to expose government officials on an even higher plane shortly.

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