Monday, May 2, 2022


Saint Anthony of Padua (1195-1231)

With the Feast of Saint Anthony approaching, perhaps those in Malta that are sick and tired of the rampant corruption, might want to take a local custom and turn it on its head, for some relief from that sinful activity which appears to infect every senior elected official currently holding office, as well as  police, the judiciary, and prosecutors. They sit in positions of power, appointed by those elected by the people.

On June 13, bake up a generous supply of St. Anthony's bread, in the best Maltese tradition, and take to the streets of the towns and villages; throw the bread, to stop the rain of corruption, in the direction of the nearest Labour Party hack, not to injure him, but to make a point. Corruption has to stop. St. Anthony, as the patron saint of those who have lost something of value, in this case their moral compass, would definitely approve. 

This is the time for Malta to either reform from within, or deteriorate further, with only a dark future, both economically and morally, to look forward to. Which will it be ?

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