Saturday, May 21, 2022



For starters on exposing the institutional corruption within Barbados government and its judicial system: 

 Meet Wilfred Abrahams BLP, MP for Christ Church East, Minister of Home Affairs (Interior Minister). Attorney at Law. Prior to becoming Minister, Mr. Abrahams could be best described as the neighborhood alligator or Jaws, swimming for the next prey. 

As a lawyer he is known to wheel and deal on both sides of the law; his corruption racket includes high ranking officials within the Barbados Police Service. They would set up false arrest of innocent individuals, and Mr. Abrahams would step up as the victim’s legal defender, shaking down their families for thousands of dollars.  

 We are beginning to learn from Confidential Sources within US law enforcement that Mr. Abrahams has been on their radar since 2018, for money laundering conspiracy, to facilitate the delivery of narcotics to the United States, among many other violations of US law. Person or persons currently incarcerated who are now facing long prison sentences in the US are now cooperating with law enforcement. (Abrahams is currently under pressure for the mishandling an investigation surrounding abuse of children at the government industrial school).

The head of the Barbados Prison Service, Lieutenant John Nurse, has been sent on forced leave, pending investigation of corruption that took place under Abrahams' management.


The question is, considering how corrupt the judicial system is in Barbados, will Abrahams ever face justice in his home country for all his past crimes, or will justice come for his victims via the US justice system ?


Our next article on Wilfred Abrahams will describe how he targets his victims, and names the crew of corrupt officials who support his criminal activities.   


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