Friday, May 13, 2022


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Compliance officers and financial institutions arounds the world rely upon a number of corruption indexes in assessing risk, but a number of those indexes incorrectly give Barbados a good rating regarding official corruption. In truth and in fact, corruption remains a major problem in the country, and the reality is disturbing. 

 In this series of upcoming ten articles, we will provide evidence and documents that will support these statements:

(1) That rampant, uncontrolled corruption has infected many aspects of life in Barbados.

(2) That present, and former, government officials have worked to steal assets of the people of Barbados, specifically real estate, and that they, or their nominees, remain in illegal possession and control of those properties.

(3) That the Barbados court system often fails to follow the Rule of Law in civil disputes, ruling repeatedly in favor of government officials, former government officials, Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), prominent businessmen linked to government, and individuals engaged in criminal activities, including the illegal payment of bribes and kickbacks, and other corrupt practices.

(4) That supporters of these powerful elements engage in campaigns of harassment, threats, bullying. death threats, exposing victims of financial crime to ridicule, disinformation and misinformation, all designed to discourage victims from pursuing justice.

(5) That victims of corruption and financial crime fear for their personal safety, and cannot look to local law enforcement, or prosecutors for protection, aid and comfort. Law enforcement is also engaged in corrupt practises, often in support of the local power structure.

(6) That the proceeds of corruption have subsequently been laundered into the legitimate economy, both inside Barbados, and abroad, making their recovery difficult or impossible to accomplish.

(7) That a change of government is not only necessary, it is essential if justice is to be served.      

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